We have a special interest in the management of allergies, we run an allergy clinic for children as well as adults.

The following allergy testing is offered at our Practice:

Skin-prick testing
Blood testing (IgE RAST tests) for specific allergens
Provocation tests

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Desensitisation treatment

In addition to treatments of allergy symptoms (i.e. with antihistamines, nasal sprays etc.) Dr Arlt offers desensitisation treatment (also called SIT, Specific Immunotherapy) which is very effective and treats the cause of the allergy, rather than the symptoms.

Desensitisation is particularly useful for the following conditions:

Severe hay fever, pollen allergies, house dust mite allergies
Pollen allergies in children to prevent asthma
Allergic asthma, caused by pollen or house dust mites
Bee- and wasp sting allergies should be desensitised in hospital (increased risk of severe allergic reaction)

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