Allergies are a extremely common condition affecting the vast majority of people around the world in some form or another.

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Many people have fairly mild allergies, which will consist of a few sniffles when confronted with dust.

Others can experience very profound and dangerous allergies, putting them at potential risk of death if they encounter the allergic substance.

Even if the allergies are helping to contribute to your anxiety, there is plenty you can do to control it, anxiety is still an emotional reaction despite a physical cause, so learning to control your anxious thought processes can still help you living a high quality of life. Click here 

There are some specialists in London/Hertfordshire who specialise in healing anxious patients with any concerns they may have including allergies to medical equipment e.g. latex gloves.

There are many many companies in the health industry e.g. dentists who provide a service for those anxious patients and they really comfort and make the patient feel reassured that everything will be fine. Visit this site 

There are several theories to the relationship:

  • There are some allergies which cause changes to your brain and body, which internally cause anxiety.
  • Living with allergies can cause stress, discomfort and can be very hard which may cause people to develop anxiety.
  • Allergies do not fundamentally cause anxiety, but it will make the anxiety worse.
  • Allergies have will have no direct effect on anxiety, but the anxiety will make your allergies worse.

Allergies + anxiety are independent of each other however they may have some common condition between them, such as differences in immune system health.


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